Osaka Masjid

Masjid History

Since a long time Muslims in Osaka have been dreaming of having a mosque in the downtown that can be a center of gathering all the Muslims in Osaka. With the blessing of Allah that dream come true in 2010. The Osaka Masjid is located in the central area of Osaka city. The land area is 264 m2 and the total area of the building is 775 m2.The building is four stories with open roof top each floor consists large hall with separate toilets.


Masjid Fact & Figures
Building Purchased Feb 2010
Land Area 264 m2
Total Covered Area
Capacity 600 People

1st Floor
    Halal Food Shop
    Wudhu (MEN)
    Toilet ( Men)
2nd Floor
    Prayer Room for MEN
    Prayer Room for Women
    Wudhu for Women
    Toilet for Women
3rd Floor     Madrasa
4th Floor
    Imam Residence
    Dinning Hall


Masjid Financial Information
Post Bank Account
Account No: 14110-3441701
Account Name: IPPAN SHADAN HOJIN Osaka Masjid


Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank Account

Account No: 0019987
Branch: Utajimabashi
Branch Code: 006
Type: Futsu
Swift Code: BOTK JP JT